Our Team:
Community Stewards

A group of citizens are helping to lead and renew the direction of our community through their civic stewardship—giving their time and skills to help implement Owatonna Forward. They represent a diverse combination of skills, personalities and relationships and play various roles. This inclusive group is ultimately seeking to implement an inclusive effort.

Owatonna Forward Community Stewards

  • Dave Albrecht
  • Edelgard Fernandez
  • Todd Buegler
  • Anne Draeger
  • Matt Durand
  • Jeff Fetters
  • Dr. Josh Froman
  • Amanda Gislason
  • Joel Hunt
  • Steve Judd
  • Kory Kath
  • Troy Klecker
  • Seth Madole
  • Elizabeth Malo
  • Khadra Muhidin
  • Peng Olson
  • Jackie Ostlund
  • Tanya Paley
  • Alissa Schmidt
  • Sue Schroeder
  • Chris Simpson
  • Reid Stransky
  • Melanie Sunnarborg
  • Roger Warehime

Community Stewardship:
We’re In This Together!

Owatonna Forward invites ALL citizens and organizations to participate in defining our desired future—to help identify commonly shared community challenges and to engage in issues that are of interest about the health and future of Owatonna. Areas might include economic development, diversity, education, equal opportunity, health and wellness, community development and the environment.

Community stewardship (your involvement) will help our community decide what to do, the importance of it, and how meaningful goals can be accomplished. Working together as citizens, we can collaborate to promote a healthy community, create a culture of inclusivity and nurture opportunities that connect and engage others in this process.

Owatonna Forward

PO Box 1116 | Owatonna, Minnesota 55060 P: 507-573-5157

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