Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-08-14T13:36:31-05:00

Our community’s vision, its goals and our organization have prompted a variety of questions.  After all, Owatonna Forward and what is happening in Owatonna is somewhat unique.  We’ve answered a few of our most frequently asked questions below.  Still have a question?  Get in touch with us!

What is this Owatonna Forward Initiative?2018-08-11T12:02:47-05:00

Owatonna Forward is a movement to create and implement a bold, actionable, and unifying blueprint for an enhanced quality of life and increased economic vibrancy.

Why was Owatonna Forward started?2018-08-11T12:03:41-05:00

Like other growing and changing communities, Owatonna faces many similar challenges. Forces over time have acted together to eliminate Owatonna’s former community decision making structure. Owatonna Forward was initiated to help the community as a whole decide its desired future – what it wants to accomplish, the importance of it, and how it can be accomplished.

Is Owatonna Forward a part of various institutions in our community (e.g. City, School District, Chamber of Commerce or Non-profit organizations)?2018-08-11T12:04:31-05:00

Nope. Citizens have the opportunity to get involved with Owatonna Forward. Through increased community engagement , individuals and groups certainly may work with these institutions, depending on the type of goal(s) that the community has defined. We want to ensure that these institutions or others if warranted, begin to align their strategic planning efforts toward the goals that you defined as a community.

Why is Owatonna Forward important?2018-08-11T12:06:36-05:00

We know that successful communities must define their own way forward. Owatonna is a wonderful community with great potential. Having a vision for our future helps to ensure a prosperous future. We believe it is important that our community dream again and promote the thinking of what our community can accomplish together by working together.

What is a Community Steward?2018-08-11T12:09:49-05:00

Community Stewards are ordinary people from all walks of life, who care deeply about our community. Stewards are citizens who cross boundaries, take an integrated approach and build coalitions for action. They have 360-degree vision, recognizing the interdependencies between the economy, the environment, and social equity. Stewards operate at the center of tough issues, not on the edges. They are risk takers. They are passionate and energetic. They are people of vision.

Now that the visioning process for Owatonna is complete, what is next?2018-08-11T12:10:49-05:00

The real work begins. It is complex and challenging. Timely and effective implementation is critical to the ultimate success of Owatonna Forward. Our community vision represents the “what” and its implementation represents the “how”. We are currently working through addressing the “how”. Stay tuned for more on what’s ahead.

What happens when we’ve achieved our goals?2018-08-11T12:11:41-05:00

We take a long nap. Just kidding. We have no plans to go anywhere but into the future. Owatonna Forward is working on a transition strategy to help operationalize the organization and assist with the launch behind each of the goals. Our community believes in the importance of ensuring a sustainable future. This means continuing to engage the community’s voice to define our way forward.

How can I get involved with Owatonna Forward?2018-08-11T12:14:16-05:00

At the heart of all of this work is the goal of greater civic engagement. And beyond that, it will mean a group of citizens, working together to help mobilize and carry out these goals. Every citizen has the potential to be involved. Consider making a commitment of your time and talents. Please email or check out our website and complete the required fields to help put us in contact with you.