Community Outreach & Engagement

Owatonna’s community vision is the refinement of input and priorities generated over a one year of outreach and planning effort. Community members attended workshops, completed surveys, and shared their hopes and dreams for the future through a variety of events and activities.

Through the outreach process, Owatonna citizens have connected to our community in new ways, and on an extraordinary scale.

Community Stewardship Team

A dedicated group of citizen volunteers known as the “Community Stewardship Team” was established in the Fall of 2016. This group broadly represented our community and were tasked with making it possible for anyone and everyone to get involved with sharing their voices, and more importantly, listening and hearing. Initially charged with guiding the visioning outreach, this group has now assumed the responsibility for coordinating implementation and developing methods to keep the community apprised of progress, including ways for our citizens to engage with the good work.

Dimensions of Community

The Community Stewardship Team sorted through the several thousand citizen responses and arrived at recommending informed goals that align with one or more of six overarching community dimensions.  These dimensions are linked to future policy and investment decisions and more importantly, the core values of community members. These include:

Our Shared Destiny

Our Vision

Owatonna’s SHARED DESTINY is a community owned vision outlining where do we want to go and how we want to get there. It describes our community as it might look, feel and function in the future as the roadmap and action plan is put into motion and community priorities move from dream to reality.